2019 World Series of Poker: Nguyen Busts With Kings

La Vegas: A few minutes ago, Scotty Nguyen moved tables and was caught by the ESPN crew. “I am moving to table 407, baby,” he said. A few minutes later, however, Nguyen was no longer to be featured on said table.

According to the ESPN camera crew, he was all in preflop and Marios Savvides, as well as Clayton Fletcher, called. On a {a-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{8-Hearts} flop, Savvides bet and that forced out Fletcher.

Nguyen turned over kings and Savvides had {a-}{q-} to remain ahead on a {9-} turn and {q-} river run out.

Chip Counts

Marios Savvides US 320,000 169,800
Clayton Fletcher us 260,000 20,000
Scotty Nguyen us Busted

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