2019 World Series of Poker: Tommy Nguyen of Canada Leads Final Eight in Bracelet Winners Event

Las Vegas (Poker News): A rampageous run on the final two tables propelled Tommy Nguyen to a chip lead in the $1,500 Bracelet Winners Only Event. Nguyen is now pacing the eight-handed final table which has emerged from a 185-player field.

The finalists will return on Friday, July 12, at 2 p.m. local time, and while the event was eventually scheduled to run for four days, the tournament staff changed the plans: the tournament will be played out tomorrow. There is a $71,580 first-place prize prepared for the champ.

The Bracelet Winners event attracted a modest number of participants on Day 2, but a few dozens of players opted to join the contest with 20 big blinds today. Shallow stacks have been flying left and right and the tournament progressed with high velocity.

Nguyen cruised through the day sitting in the top half of the standings, but he didn’t look to be the hottest candidate for the pole position. However, he eventually finished with 2,910,000 (a third of all chips in play), mainly thanks to his heater in the final hours of today’s stretch.

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