A 9-year-old dies in her sleep three days after testing positive for COVID-19

(Yahoo): A San Antonio, Texas family is urging parents not to underestimate the severity of COVID-19 for children following the death of 9-year-old Makenzie Gongora.

On Feb. 2, Makenzie died unexpectedly in her sleep just three days after testing positive for COVID-19. According to family, the grade 4 student had experienced “mild” symptoms, but no respiratory issues.

Kristle Gongora, Makenzie’s mother, took her to Brooke Army Medical Center on Jan. 29 where she received a strep, flu and COVID test. Earlier that day, Makenzie had reportedly complained of a headache and stomachache to workers at her after-school care centre, who discovered she also had a fever. Although the strep and flu tests came back negative, Makenzie tested positive for COVID-19.

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