Historically in Vietnamese culture, art and hand-crafted designs are so popular and has been inspired by history, natural landscape including flowers, mountains, water banks, wildlife and breathtaking scenic views. Through time how society views artwork and exhibitions have evolved from still images and traditional modes to more immersive, abstract and photography ready for social media. Uniquely, art is an expression of creativity and an outlet for the creators.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is a classic tourist destination while visiting downtown Toronto, with two-floors filled with exquisite paintings, sculptures and exhibits. One of the most popular exhibits to the gallery was curated by Yayoi Kusama. which included six different interactive, mirrored rooms – but was only available for a few short months back in 2018. Now, only one of the rooms have permanently returned to AGO due to high requests and massive crowdfunding from the public.

Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room – Let’s Survive Forever” features mirrored walls and spheres placed all throughout the room and seems to place an illusion of infinite silver orbs everywhere. With a 60-second limit into the room, it unfortunately does go by very quickly. Overall, the exhibit is a very Instagram-worthy experience and creates fun illusion. In order to experience the exhibit, be sure to register for time slot at the kiosk on the first floor of the gallery.

As mentioned, in Vietnamese culture, art was historically inspired by our country’s natural landscape and geographical elements. Artist Yayoi Kusama of Japanese descent has become of the world’s highest valued artists revolutionizing her presence in the competitive arts field industry through eye-catching, vibrant, and innovative installations inspired by her mental health and view of the world and universe. The story of Yayoi Kusama is inspiring as she faced difficulties as a visible minority starting her art career in New York while facing mental health illnesses and lack of support from her family back home.

Artist Kusama’s story is an inspiring story of an immigrant artist who travelled across the world away from her family to pursue her dreams. Through the battles of mental health, oppression and disbelief, she has became of the world’s highest paid best-selling artists, partnerships with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and attracting over millions of visitors to her exhibits internationally.

Through Artist Yayoi Kusama’s work, the visitor is left feeling fascinated and wanting more. Kusama’s journey in various scales is similar to the perseverance that immigrants face in a new life, chasing their dreams and building a life for their future. Increasingly, art exploration and featured installations are thriving in the city of Toronto as society becomes more in tune with traditional and also innovative modes of art to explore. The AGO also began their free membership passes to visitors aged 25 or younger, connecting the youth even closer to art culture awareness. We hope you explore the variety of artwork in the heart of Toronto and become an art seeker too! Thank you for reading, and let’s see where Jenuine Taste explores next.

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