Artist of the Month: Don Hồ

This month’s featured artist is none other than Don Hồ. One of the most famous pop singers in the Vietnamese music industry overseas, Don Hồ’s professional career began in 1991 when he joined Trung Tam Thúy Nga, where he appeared in Paris By Night 12, performing 2 songs, “Em Đẹp Như Mơ” and “Black Magic Woman”. As a young and new face, Don Hồ captured the attention of audiences immediately. Around the same time, Don Hồ also began performing for Trung Tâm Asia for a few years, but would ultimately continue singing with Thúy Nga for several years. In 2004, he left Thúy Nga and returned to Trung Tâm Asia, and also began exploring other companies such as Trung Tâm Vân Sơn and Trung Tâm Tình. In 2007, however, Don Hồ made his return to Thúy Nga where he continues to perform in Paris By Night shows to this day, most recently Paris By Night 129, “Dynasty”.
With a career spanning nearly 20 years, Don Hồ has had several albums, performed in close to 200 videos and DVDs, and has had a number of hit songs. Some of his most notable hits include “Trái Tim Mùa Đông” written by Trúc Hồ and “Vì Đó Là Em” written by Diệu Hương, 2 songs that he regularly performs for audiences around the world. While best known for being a pop singer, Don Hồ is extremely versatile, performing not only upbeat numbers, but also ballads and love songs, as well as older Vietnamese classics (“nhạc trữ tình”). His ability to sing a wide range of music has allowed him to reach audiences of all ages.
As one of the most recognizable Vietnamese pop singers overseas, Don Hồ has become a household name for generations old and young. As a child, I remember seeing Don Hồ perform and wanting to be just like him, and I know many others were inspired by him as well. Even young people who do not listen to a lot of Vietnamese music will still know the name Don Hồ, or recognize his face when they see him. His legacy as a singer and entertainer is undeniable, and has paved the way for many male pop singers that would emerge after him.
Don Hồ’s success and longevity in the Vietnamese music industry can be seen as the result of a number of different factors. Don Hồ is the full package when it comes to a singer and entertainer: he has a distinct voice that anyone can recognize right away, and his performances and style are always creative, innovative and eye-catching to the audience. But these factors alone are not the only reason he has been able to sustain such a long and thriving career. Audiences not only love Don Hồ for his music and style, but he is beloved for his personality. Both fans and other singers in the industry have described Don Hồ to be a very kind and generous person. While his performances are full of confidence and energy, he also remains the same humble and warm person both on and off stage. His likeability, both as a singer and a person has earned him much respect and success in the industry, and to this day he continues to be a fan favourite with audiences old and new.

Dương Thái Hoà

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