Asia 80: The Celebration

With the recent release of Asia’s special edition DVD “Mẹ Fatima: Mẹ Nhân Ái, Mẹ Xót Thương”, Asia Entertainment is now gearing up for their next live taping in the Asia DVD series. Asia 80 will be held on Sunday, September 3, nearly 10 months after their last major live taping for Asia 79 in November 2016. East coast fans will be very excited to know that Asia 80 will be held at Caesars Atlantic City in New Jersey, the first time that Asia Entertainment has filmed a major show here. There will be two show times: 2PM and 9:30PM, so fans can be sure to attend the show.
The theme of Asia 80 is “The Celebration.” While little has been explained regarding the theme, it sounds like this will be a show that is full of energy and excitement. Asia 80 will feature MCs Thùy Dương and Trịnh Hội, and will also feature the return of beloved MC Nam Lộc. Audiences will be able to witness performances from a number of singers, including Diễm Liên, Đặng Thế Luân, Y Phương, Ngọc Anh Vi, Diễm Ngân, Hoàng Oanh, Khánh Hà, Lâm Nhật Tiến, and Lâm Thúy Vân. Asia 80 will also feature the debut performances of Duy Thành and Phương Trang, as well as the return of singers Cardin, Thùy Hương and Lê Anh Quân.
With even more singers to be revealed, Asia 80 is shaping up to be a show that many should look forward to. Join “The Celebration” and attend the live taping of Asia 80 at Caesars Atlantic City! To purchase tickets, please call Asia Entertainment at 714-636-3002, or e-mail

Dương Thái Hòa has always been passionate about Vietnamese music. Graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music, Thái Hòa currently performs alongside the Liberty Band in shows within the Vietnamese community. In addition, Thái Hòa also writes, records and performs his own music on his YouTube channel:

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