Thao Pham

Mississauga: The organizers of Carassauga, the annual festival of cultures in Mississauga, hosted a charity drive on Tuesday December 3, 2019 at Maple Banquet Hall. Representatives from several pavilions took part in the annual Carassauga Charity Drive collecting donations for The Mississauga Food Bank.

The Mississauga Food Bank is the central food bank in Mississauga, providing food for over 242,000 meals each month through a network of 50 member agencies. Their objective is to provide adequate food from the 4 categories of Canada’s Food Guide – fruit and vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy products – to provide a balanced diet to food bank users for 7+ days each month. Thousands of individuals and families across Mississauga rely on it every day.

This charity event is one of the Carassauga’s meaningful activities before the festive season. Hazel McCallion, the former Mississauga mayor, was the special guest.

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