Chinese Troops Threw Stones At Vietnamese Construction Workers At Border Fence

Hà Giang ( Soldiers from the Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) were recently recorded throwing stones and hurling abuses at unarmed Vietnamese construction workers in Ha Giang province of northern Vietnam, bordering China. The Hong Kong Post reported that the Chinese soldiers shouted and threw stones at the Vietnamese digging along the Vietnam-China border. In response, the civilian workers guarded the riverbanks on the Vietnamese side in a bid to prevent erosion when the river water was tight.

A popular blog, which is prohibited by the Vietnamese government for anti-China articles, also published an article referencing the incident. While commemorating the 1979 China-Vietnam War on January 4, the blog pointed out that the Chinese side is trying to encroach on a territory to the North, even after signing an agreement on the demarcation of the land border in late 1999 on the China-Vietnam border. According to the article, people do not know the Chinese stand and are confused when the Chinese side acts like this on the China-Vietnam border.

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