Coronation chicken has sold out!

London ( Daily Mail): Britain is up for a party and King Charles is the reason. Brits across the country are planning for raucous street parties and coronation dinners to celebrate the monarch’s big day.

Royal fans have stripped supermarket shelves bare as summer fruits, coleslaw and even pork pies disappeared ahead of the crowning of King Charles III tomorrow.

Coronation Chicken has even sold out at Aldi and Lidl, an enthusiastic shopper reported.

Leading supermarket Waitrose has even seen searches for coronation recipes quadruple ahead of the nation’s royal festivities.

Preparations for the coronation are nearing their completion with The Mall decorated with huge union flags and others from the Commonwealth and crash barriers and other crowd control measures in place.
During the ceremony itself, the St Edward’s Crown, which weighs about 4lb 12oz and dates back to 1661 and the reign of his namesake King Charles II, will be placed on Charles’ head during the ceremony.

Among the other historic items involved will be the golden Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross which holds the 530 carat Cullinan 1 diamond, also known as the Star of Africa and the world’s largest colourless cut diamond.

After the ceremony there will be a mile-long procession involving some 4,000 military personnel, with the newly-crowned King Charles III and Queen Camilla returning to Buckingham Palace in the four-tonne Gold State Coach, pulled by eight horses.

Thousands are expected to line the route and millions more will watch on giant screens erected at 30 locations around Britain or at home, with the event set to be broadcast live around the world.

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