DVD Liveshow Nguyên Khang: Đành Thôi Em Nhé

Over the years, Nguyên Khang has risen to become one of the most recognizable and well-loved voices among Vietnamese audiences. Known for his powerful, yet warm voice that is capable of a wide range of musical styles and genres, fans came to love Nguyên Khang most notably through his performances with Trung Tâm Asia. Since parting ways with Asia, Nguyên Khang continues to work and perform with SBTN and Trúc Hồ Music, and last month the two companies produced a live show DVD for Nguyên Khang entitled “An Evening with Nguyên Khang & Friends: Đành Thôi Em Nhé”.

Fiilmed in the SBTN studio, Nguyên Khang’s live show features a glamourous stage reminiscent of old Hollywood, creating a very intimate and nostalgic atmosphere for the show. Throughout the show, Nguyên Khang performed with many special guests and close friends throughout his career, with guest performances by Diễm Liên, Thiên Kim, Hồ Hoàng Yến, Y Phương, Hoàng Thục Linh, Đoàn Phi, Quốc Khanh, Mai Thanh Sơn, Sỹ Đan, and Trúc Hồ. From old classics such as the opening group number “Liên Khúc Trịnh Công Sơn”, and “Liên Khúc Lê Uyên Phương” to new songs “Đêm Màu Trắng” and “Đành Thôi Em Nhé” by Trúc Hồ, to foreign favourites such as “Liên Khúc Hong Kong” and “Chuyện Một Đêm Hè”, there is something in this liveshow for everyone. With musical arrangements by Trúc Hồ, Sỹ Đan and Mai Thanh Sơn, fans can expect to hear lush string arrangements, and music that is familiar and inviting.

Nguyên Khang’s liveshow comes with both a DVD as well as a CD featuring all the songs from the show, and is the perfect gift for the New Year for fans of not only Nguyên Khang, but the many guest performers features as well. Be sure to purchase an ORIGINAL copy at your local Vietnamese music store, or order online at www.sbtn.tv or www.asiaeshop.com.

Dương Thái Hòa has always been passionate about Vietnamese music. Graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music, Thái Hòa currently performs alongside the Liberty Band in shows within the Vietnamese community. In addition, Thái Hòa also writes, records and performs his own music on his YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/JamesDuongMusic

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