With Season 1 of SBTN VOICE officially coming to a close last February, SBTN has now released the SBTN VOICE Finale DVD. Fans of SBTN VOICE worldwide can now purchase a copy and experience the finale in their homes. The 2-disc DVD includes the final round of competition, which includes both solo and team performances from the Top 7: Việt Hoàng, Tú Anh, Angel Gia Hân, Nguyên Sang, Đông Trang, Vũ Anh Thư ,and Julia. Audiences will be able to watch back these live performances and listen to the comments made by their coaches (Sỹ Đan, Phương Thảo, Thế Sơn, Đoàn Phi, and Mai Thanh Sơn) and also re-live the suspenseful moments when the winners of SBTN VOICE were announced – Việt Hoàng (Nhạc Trẻ), Julia (Nhạc Trữ Tình) and Đông Trang (Nhạc Quê Hương).
The SBTN VOICE Finale DVD also features performances from 13 guest singers: Thanh Thúy, Lệ Thu, Trish Thùy Trang, Y Phương, Hồ Hoàng Yến, Hoàng Thục Linh, Huỳnh Phi Tiễn, Việt Khang, as well as the 6 coaches. Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the show, however, is the closing performance of “Tôi Yêu Tiếng Việt Tôi”, a new song written by Ngọc Lễ that features 15 of the contestants from SBTN VOICE. A truly moving and emotional performance, it was the perfect end to a very exciting night of performances.
The SBTN VOICE Finale DVD also includes 2 CDs with all songs from the show. To purchase your copy, please visit www.sbtnonlineshop.com or call 714-636-1121

Dương Thái Hoà