Florida City partially shuts down park after snakes found mating in mass

Lake Hollingsworth, Florida : A Florida city partially shut down Lake Hollingsworth on Thursday after receiving reports of swarming snakes. According to reports, the slithery creatures were just celebrating Valentine’s Day a little early.

Sharing a photo of the lake shoreline, and a closeup shot of a brown snake nestled in leaves on its Facebook page, the Lakeland Parks & Recreation department wrote that a group of non-venomous water snakes congregated to mate near a traffic roundabout.

“Relax. Keep calm. The snakes at the lake are not venomous!” a Facebook post from the city government reads. “We wanted to clarify some rumours that have been going around over the last day or so about the snakes at Lake Hollingsworth near the roundabout, which were mistakenly thought to be venomous.” ( Vũ Quốc Duy M.D.)

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