From Vietnam refugee to island UPS driver

Nantucket, Masachussetts:(June 17, 2021) It’s the independence of the job that has kept Thoai Tran behind the wheel of a United Parcel Service truck for the last 29 years. It’s just him, the packages and the roads of Nantucket.

“I can be on my own, I’m out there, the freedom, I don’t have to look over my shoulder,” he said.

It is a far cry from what he experienced as a teenager, when he escaped his native country of Vietnam. Tran was just 14 years old in 1979, when he was forced to flee his home in a small fishing village on the southwestern coast of Vietnam called Rach Giá.
Thoai Tran was recently recognized by UPS as one of its safest drivers. He hasn’t been involved in an accident in 27 years.

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