Hamilton chocolatier Mary Nguyen on making people happy through chocolate

Aicha Smith-Belghaba, indigenous story teller, journalist, chef and owner of Esha's Eats talks with Hamilton chocolatier Mary Nguyen about making people happy through chocolate.

(CBC) Hamilton: The best thing about being a chocolatier, Mary Nguyen says, is making people happy.

Nguyen owns Chocolat on James Street North in Hamilton and was busy crafting hundreds of Easter treats when she talked with Aicha Smith-Belghaba, Indigenous story teller, journalist, chef and owner of Esha’s Eats.

Nguyen has some advice for anyone interested in making chocolate treats at home. Watch the video above to find out more as she shows off how she makes chocolate covered vegan sponge toffee, chocolate covered oreos, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered toffee and more.


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