Hometown Hero: Tuan Nguyen

Tuấn Nguyễn

HUNTINGTON, W.Va (WSAZ) — A robbery was thwarted last month thanks to a restaurant employee who witnessed the crime.

Tuan Nguyen, former sous-chef at Pho Noodle House in Huntington, headed outside for his smoke break when he heard arguing.

“I stand up, and I saw him get the knife but I don’t have camera yet,” said Nguyen.

Police say a man drew a knife on Nguyen’s coworker and stole his phone, key fob, and pocket knife.

That’s when Nguyen jumped into action.

“I go out and I follow him in the street,” said Nguyen.

“You followed him down the street down 3rd Avenue here?,” our reporter asked.

“Yeah, this street like 15 minutes,” said Nguyen. “Long time. Yeah.”

Nguyen was on the phone the whole time making sure police knew where he was.

They eventually caught the suspect and arrested him.

Nguyen’s coworker, Josh Campbell, got all of his belongings back.

“I was really surprised and shocked that he did that,” said Campbell. “He’s a really good guy. I’m really happy I work with him. He’s a great coworker.”

“Would the message here be if you mess with somebody who works here, you’re messing with everybody that works here?”, asked our reporter.

“Yes,” said Nguyen.

That loyalty and bravery is what makes Tuan Nguyen this week’s Hometown Hero.

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