Local restaurant owner creates online videos aimed at helping people open a new business

Guelph, Ontario ( Guelph Today): After experiencing what it’s like to open a restaurant, a local woman is sharing her story to help other restaurateurs trying to set up their small business in Guelph.

Thuha Nguyen is the owner of TheNguyễn’s, a Vietamese restaurant that she runs with her mother and brother on Speedvale Avenue West.

For the past few months, she has been making videos about how to open a small business in Guelph. Releasing one to three videos a week, Nguyen says her aim is to provide helpful information for those interested in entering the local restaurant industry.

“If I can share a little bit of my experience, it will help whoever makes the decision that they go and open something, especially in Guelph, that they will have a better idea how this thing is going to work,” she says.

Nguyen explains opening a restaurant is a large investment as there can be more work than people originally anticipate. As a result, she says more than 60 per cent of restaurants will fail the first couple of years.

“I do know so many people who get into this and get out bankrupt,” Nguyen explains, “It’s really hard because it’s a large investment and they have to save a lot of money themselves, and everyone has to come in and help, family and friends, and they cannot make it.”

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