Lowering the Flag: Bryan Nguyen

The University of Alberta banner is flying at half-mast from August 24–26, 2022 in remembrance of Bryan Nguyen, undergraduate student in the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Science.

Bryan Duc Nguyen born on August 15, 2002 to Lee and Linh Nguyen in Edmonton, AB. At the age of 19 had passed away peacefully on August 2, 2022 in his home in Edmonton, AB.

Bryan was a smart young man full of hopes and dreams, graduating High School with honours of distinction in the Accelerated Program; winning the Division Student Award “Honouring Student Excellence in Math, Science and Technology Award”. Bryan’s dedication and commitment motivated him to learn new things, pursuing his dreams as a Pharmacist. This fall, he would of been in his third year of Bachelor of Science. Bryan worked part time as a Pharmacy Assistant. Bryan was shy and always cheerful. An adventurous foodie willing to try anything. An incredible gamer from young. Passionate about anime and Japan.

Always remaining in our hearts and not forgotten.

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