Men armed with handgun tried to drill their way into Quincy, Massachusetts apartment

QUINCY, Mass. —(WCVB):
Two men armed with a gun used a drill to try to gain access to a Quincy apartment early Friday before the resident woke up and called police, officials said.

Officers were called at 3 a.m. to a residence off Ricciuti Drive on a report of two men trying to break into an apartment.
The resident said he woke up to the sound of drilling, looked out of a peephole in his door, and saw two men trying to drill the lock.

The victim said he saw a black bag of tools on the ground and a red drill with a long drill bit being used to drill the holes. When he yelled for his girlfriend to call 911, the men fled, police said.

Upon arrival, officers found the suspects, later identified as Parker Cathcart, 29, of Laconia, New Hampshire, and Raymond Nguyen, 22, of Malden, in the area.

During a search of the suspects, a GLOCK 21 handgun and an open pack of drill bits were located, police said.

Cathcart was arrested and charged with possession of burglarious tools, defacing property, and attempting to commit a crime.

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