Millions of Americans see benefits expire after Donald Trump spends Christmas golfing

West Palm Beach: (Yahoo)Millions of Americans’ unemployment benefits have expired after the president refused to sign a $2.3trn COVID-19 relief and spending bill.
Donald Trump, who is spending Christmas golfing at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, said the package did not do enough for everyday people.
The bill sought to provide $892bn in coronavirus relief, including the extension of special unemployment benefits that were due to expire on Saturday, and $1.4trn for usual government spending.
Without Mr Trump’s signature, a partial government shutdown will begin on Tuesday, and an estimated 12 million people will lose their unemployment benefits, according to the Labor Department.
While the shutdown can still be avoided if Congress is able to agree on stop-gap funding before then, the loss of unemployment benefits will be a devastating blow to millions struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Also expiring as a result of the bill going unsigned are eviction protections for those who have been left unable to pay rent because of losses to their income.
The relief package had been agreed to by Republicans and Democrats last weekend after several months of bitter dispute between the two sides, and it also had the support of the White House – including assurance that Mr Trump personally backed the plan.
Mr Trump did not dispute it prior to Congress putting the bill through on Monday night, but has since complained it gives too much money to cultural projects, foreign aid, and special interests.
He also demanded the end-of-year spending bill should provide Americans with $2,000 COVID-19 relief cheques as opposed to the planned $600, which other Republicans had agreed to.
The bill arrived in Florida on Thursday, but Mr Trump has offered no indication that he will sign it.

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