More people are stuck at home in China and order food online

BEIJING —(CNBC) More people are stuck at home in China as they wait out the coronavirus outbreak, giving some delivery and e-commerce companies an opportunity, even as they try to manage the risks of the disease.
Previously, on a typical day, a courier for in Beijing would deliver about 140 to 150 packages per apartment complex, said Lansong Sun, head of the company’s delivery station in Yizhuang, on the outskirts of Beijing.
Now, that’s climbed to more than 200 orders a day, Sun said Tuesday, according to a CNBC translation of his Mandarin-language remarks.
More than half of China is shut down as authorities try to limit the spread of a pneumonia-causing virus that emerged in late December. It has killed more than 566 people, primarily in the city of Wuhan, but has infected more than 28,000 people .

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