New Orleans Vietnamese Americans look forward Lunar New Year 2018

NEW ORLEANS (WWL, Feb 25,2018): — Paul Vo is filling up prescriptions and settling into his new facility. He just opened the Mitchou Pharmacy on Chef Highway in New Orleans East last week, something he’s extremely proud of.
“I grew up here in New Orleans East and this community,” Vo said. ” So a big dream of mine was to always have a business here.”
Vo not only wants his business to thrive, but the entire area.
“A lot of businesses, ever since Katrina, kinda went away. And, we want to be able to help bring businesses back and invest here,” Vo said.
The opening of his business could not come at a better time. The Vietnamese community is celebrating the Year of the Dog. Feb. 16 kicked off the start of the Lunar New Year. Celebrations are taking place at the Mary Queen of Vietnam Church this weekend.
Heip Tran is the music conductor at the church.
“We have food. We have the fireworks to celebrate. We’ll have dragon dancing,” Tran said.
At least 10 singers will take the stage this weekend. Last year, Tran says more than 20,000 people came out, both from New Orleans and out of town. They’re hoping for same amount or more this year.
The Vietnamese population is also proud of another accomplishment, the election of Cyndi Nguyen.
“I will be the first Vietnamese American city council person in New Orleans, so of course, very honored to be in that role, but one thing it’s going to be for everybody,” Council member Elect Cyndi Nguyen said.
Right now she’s speaking with everyone across the district, jotting down their thoughts and concerns before taking office in May.
“We want to change the perception in District E that we’re about business. We’re about quality of life and we’re an amazing district for people to work, to live and to play,” Nguyen said.
And what better way to kick off the start, than in true Vietnamese fashion.

the Michoud Pharmacy

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