One day in Edmonton: MasterChef Canada’s Mai Nguyen

by Daniel Ball ( Eat North)
Despite falling just short of reaching the MasterChef Canada Season 4 finale, Edmonton’s Mai Nguyen quite clearly demonstrated both the passion and the skillset of a professional caliber chef.

Following successful stints on the lines at renowned restaurants Prairie Noodle Shop and Biera, the talented cook continued her forward culinary trajectory by hosting a series of pop-up dinner events and then launched her own company, Gourmai Dumplings.

Since returning to the MCC kitchen this winter for MasterChef Canada: Back To Win–their “All Stars” season if you will–the once-self-proclaimed timid home cook has proven that her decision to switch careers was more than justified. Thus far this season, the Edmontonian has demonstrated an enhanced cooking ability along with a newfound assertiveness as a team leader.

After another strong showing in the most recent episode of MasterChef Canada, we thought it would be the perfect time to share Nguyen’s go-to dining destinations in Edmonton.

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