Riot cops are confronted by naked protester during ANOTHER night of violence

London ( Daily Mail): Bristol riot officers were confronted by a naked protester last night – as a police boss reveals the force feels ‘under siege’ after yet another night of violent ‘Kill The Bill’ clashes in the city.

Police with riot shields and helmets were called in to clear College Green in the centre of the city at 10pm on Tuesday.

Around 150 protesters had earlier erected tents on the green in a protest at how the police crime sentencing and courts bill will impact travellers, squatters and the homeless.

Scenes rapidly descended into chaos when protesters refused to disperse, with police arresting 14 people – just two days after Sunday brought seven arrests when scenes of violence first erupted in the city.

In shocking images from last night, one protester was seen facing a row of police completely naked with her arms raised to the sky.

One officer – wearing a riot shield and helmet – speaks to the woman, as other images show her collecting her belongings and walking away.

John Apter, the national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said officers are ‘battered and bruised, in some cases physically’ after last night’s clashes, especially as they came ‘on the back of the most horrendous violence’ on Sunday.

Posters congratulating protesters for the weekend’s destruction – which left two police vehicles torched and 22 officers injured, two of whom were hospitalised – began appearing across the city throughout the day urging demonstrators to destroy evidence.

The bulletins, titled ‘Advice for Kill the Bill protestors’ begin by saying: ‘Nice work! Well done.’

They go on to urge rioters to ‘be careful about what you say online, by phone, or even around phones. Get rid of anything incriminating (eg clothes, maybe a phone).’

Demonstrators are also told not to ‘help [police] gather info or evidence’ by being ‘careful about what you say online, by phone, or even around phones’.

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