Riots in London

London (MailOnline, July 8,2017): A furious mob has lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at officers in Dalston, east London, after a protest over the death of a black father ‘who was wrestled to the ground by police’ turned violent.

Earlier today, demonstrators barricaded part of Kingsland Road – close to where Rashan Charles died last week – with wheelie bins, mattresses and household debris.

Dramatic footage showed more than a dozen officers retreating from protesters who launched objects at them.

Tonight’s violence has drawn parallels with the London riots in 2011, which were sparked by the police shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in Tottenham.

And as night descended, worrying videos showed youths setting fire to mattresses in the middle of the road and pelting police vans with objects.

The windows of several shops in Kingsland High Street were smashed as the violence extended beyond Dalston Kingsland Station.