Seal Beach doctor disciplined by Medical Board after involuntary manslaughter conviction

Orange  County  (OCR, July 19,2017) A Seal Beach doctor has been placed on seven years state Medical Board probation and forbidden from using controlled substances unless prescribed, after he caused a fatal car crash while impaired by prescription drugs.

Dr. Dinh Nguyen pleaded guilty in 2015 to vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. The conviction resulted from a 2013 car crash in Garden Grove where Nguyen ran a red light and struck a car entering the intersection.

The driver died and police noted that Nguyen offered no medical assistance at the scene, according to Medical Board documents. He was wearing hospital scrubs and was on his way to work. Police found several prescription drug packets in the car, including two kinds of sleeping pills. Nguyen failed several field sobriety tests and told an officer he may have fallen asleep on the road

He was sentenced to one year in county jail and his driver’s license was suspended for three years.

Nguyen’s lawyer, Mark Rafferty, did not return calls seeking comment.


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