Sister of Oakland freeway shooting victim sends heartfelt plea to leaders amid rising violence

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — “There’s not any amount of money that can ever bring them back.”

A heartfelt Barbara Nguyen speaking to ABC7 News Saturday afternoon.

Nguyen’s brother, 28-year-old Alameda County Sheriff’s Office recruit David, was shot and killed by random gunfire last month while driving home on Interstate 580 in Oakland.

Now, another man, Gene Ransom, also shot and killed while driving through the East Bay city on Interstate 880 Friday night, exactly one month after Nguyen’s death and on the same day he would have graduated from the sheriff’s academy.

“I just learned about it today. And when I heard about it, I just started crying,” Nguyen said.

Friday’s shooting is the fifth fatal incident on Oakland freeways in the past nine months.

Violence that’s taken the lives of not just Gene Ransom and David Nguyen, but also 23-month-old Jasper Wu.

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