The boy who’s asking Santa for “a good Dad”

( Yahoo) : A boy’s letter to Santa is going viral for a heartbreaking reason.

This week, SafeHaven of Tarrant County — a shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Fort Worth, Texas — shared a heartfelt plea to Santa written by a 7-year-old boy named Blake. According to SafeHaven, Blake is staying with his mom in a shelter.

The boy’s mother found the letter in his backpack weeks ago, after they’d sought refuge in the shelter. Blake explains the situation in his letter to Santa, writing, “We had to leave our house. Dad was mad. We had to do all the chores. Dad got everything he wanted. Mom said it was time to leave and she would take us to a safer place where we don’t have to be scared.”

He added that he was “still nervous” and reluctant to hang out with other kids in the shelter. Noting that he didn’t have his belongings with him, Blake asked for a few gifts: chapter books, a dictionary, compass and a watch.

But it was his final request that has struck a chord with the public: “I also want a very, very, very good dad. Can you do that too?”

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