The “Trump Divorce” is on the rise

New York (New York Daily News, Aug 5,2017): Love in the age of Trump is a perilous thing.

Sad, even.

The President’s polarizing rhetoric is wreaking havoc on relationships from coast to coast, with his rise to the White House casting a dark shadow over once-happy couples.

There’s even a term for the marital mayhem between Trump acolytes and their liberal lovers: The “Trump Divorce.”

The expression emerged from the split of former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lynn Aronberg — a fan of The Donald — and estranged husband Dave Aronberg, a left-leaning lawyer and Democrat.

Aronberg, 37, said in a recent press release that she felt “increasingly isolated” in her marriage of two years.

The self-described staunch Republican’s Twitter account featured photos showing her with the President and First Lady Melania Trump.

Her Twitter fans quickly suggested she get together with another newly single Trump supporter whose marriage unraveled over politics.

The Aronbergs are not alone in their issues, as lawyers and psychiatrists cite deep divides over President Trump as a catalyst for divorce.

The phenomenon is supported by data, too.

And 22% said they knew a couple whose marriage or relationship was negatively impacted since Trump was elected in November.