Trump has more to worry about than just the Russia probe

A porn actress, a reality show star and an ex-playboy model

(CNN)Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation looms larger for President Donald Trump every day, but when it comes to legal jeopardy, the President has far more to worry about than just the special counsel.

Trump is now facing a triple-barreled litigation drama involving a porn actress, a reality show star and a former Playboy model that promises further embarrassing allegations.
The President has shown an almost metaphysical capacity to escape scandals that would doom any normal politician, and may assume he can skate through his latest controversies without incurring serious political damage.
But the rigid procedures of the legal system may prove to be less pliable to the President’s convention-busting behavior.

While it is yet to be established whether any of the cases have merit, their existence alone is bad news for Trump, since they could embroil him in years of litigation, lead to the uncovering of documents and evidence he would rather keep private and convince other women who believe they have a case to go to court and force the President into depositions where he would risk perjuring himself if he were not completely truthful.

“Another legal front is opening up against him and one that is going to be — in some ways, at least until Mueller releases his report or whatever it is that he eventually does — is going to be much more public than the special counsel investigation,” said Tom Spiggle, a former assistant US attorney who now runs a law firm headquartered in Virginia.

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