Vietnamese tourist in Thailand reunited with his lost $194,000 Richard Mille watch

Bangkok(Yahoo News):
A Vietnamese tourist was able to retrieve his 6.5 million baht (approximately $194,000) Richard Mille watch after losing it in Thailand.

The tourist reportedly took a taxi from the riverfront of Asiatique back to his hotel in Lumpini, Bangkok, on Wednesday night, reported The Thaiger.

Upon returning to his accommodation, he realized that his Richard Mille RM011 watch was missing.

On Thursday morning, the tourist went to the Lumpini Police Station to seek help.

Upon examining CCTV footage, police were able to contact the taxi driver and ask him to return it to its rightful owner.

According to the taxi driver, he accepted more passengers after dropping off the Vietnamese tourist. The new passengers notified him after they found the watch behind the driver seat.

The driver said that he intended to take the watch to a police station as he had no contact with the tourist.

However, officers were able to track and contact him before he had the chance to do so.

The tourist expressed his relief and was impressed by both the Lumpini Police officers and the honest taxi driver for returning his luxurious watch.

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