‘Welcome to hell, you’ll die here’

Kyiv (Daily Mail): A Ukrainian MP has warned invading Russian soldiers: ‘Welcome to hell…you will die here’.

In a firebrand speech to parliament in Kyiv, Oleksiy Goncharenko, 41, told Vladimir Putin’s forces: ‘You wont leave from here, we promise you this.

‘Welcome to hell. We can say, you will die here. Die like lousy dogs if you enter our country.

‘And your generals throwing you to this meat grinder will run away first.

‘So drop your [weapons] and go back home to your wives and kids.

‘You have nothing to do here. It’s not your land. And won’t ever be.’

Meanwhile Roman Dudin, head of the SBU security service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, said today: ‘We see active maneuvering and movement of Russian troops along our borders.

‘The military presence is gradually increasing, there are no elements of withdrawing troops from the state border of Ukraine after the so-called exercises.

‘Today, according to our information, their best tactical group has only 70 per cent of serviceable equipment.

’30 per cent of equipment is defective.

‘We see even in the direction of Belgorod, where … military equipment that is unable to move independently.

‘We see a daily decline in the morale and psychological [wellbeing] of Russian troops.’

According to Dudin, Russian troops have purchased 45,000 cellophane bags to transport corpses.

‘However, I think, according to the ancient Russian tradition, they will bury them just in the middle of the field or in these nameless graves.’

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