‘What the hell is the matter with this person?’: Shame on you!

Yahoo: On Cuomo Prime Time Monday night, Chris Cuomo laid into Dr. Scott Atlas, an advisor to President Trump on COVID-19. On Sunday, following the announcement of new COVID restrictions in Michigan, Atlas posted a tweet telling people to “rise up.”

“Dr. Atlas, okay? A guy with no pandemic experience. He literally would know more if he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night,” Cuomo quipped, later adding, “Are you kidding me? Shame on you. What kind of doctor would tell people to rise up and resist the only kind of prophylaxis that will help them. What the hell is the matter with this person? Rise up? You rise up and do your job or get the hell out. How could you give this kind of advice?”

Just a short while earlier, Atlas appeared on Fox News where he urged families to get together for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that the pandemic is surging in most of the country.

“This kind of isolation is one of the unspoken tragedies of the elderly, who are now being told, ‘Don’t see your family at Thanksgiving,’” Atlas said. “For many people, this is their final Thanksgiving, believe it or not.”

Cuomo agrees that this could be some people’s last Thanksgiving, but it will be because they listened to Dr. Atlas.

“Yeah, it could be their last Thanksgiving if you expose them to people who aren’t wearing masks,” Cuomo said, “who aren’t socially distancing and haven’t been doing so, and haven’t gotten tested because they somehow think they don’t want to get in on the ‘con of COVID.’”

And Cuomo believes that someday Dr. Atlas will have to answer for publicly telling people to put themselves and their loved ones in danger.

“Maybe when you’re living your life nice and easy, because you don’t have the concerns that these same people that you’re telling to rise up, that they have, maybe the questions will come and find you, because you have to answer for that kind of guidance,” Cuomo said. “Let alone as a doctor. Do no harm? Invite grandma? This could be her last Thanksgiving? Yeah, if you invite her to a place where she can get sick and die.”

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